AccessPort V3!



Subaru WRX 2.5L
Cobb AccessPort V3

June 23, 2016

- After reviewing the options I settled on 2 distinct choices the V2 
Accessport and the V3. The V3 being a newer model it boasted 50% faster flashing times and it provides up to 6 live gauges. Im a bit of a data-whore so more info wins out. After talking with a cobb rep I also decided to pick up a stage1+ power package. it included their SF intake and the accompanying airbox with a nice discount. I know that there is no performance benefit from installing the SF intake at stage 1 but the sound is intoxicating. I have always liked hearing the aggressive sucking whooshing noise and it puts a smile on my fiance's face when I open the throttle so “happy wife happy life”

AccessPort Install - Installing the Cobb Accessport V3 is a 2 step process, it can be done in less than 10 minutes but to be done right will take about a half hour. The 1st step of the install process is to attach the mounting hardware, Cobb supplies a double T style mount with 3m industrial double sided adhesive. I choose to mount mine between the radio and the gauge cluster trim on the smooth head unit bezel. After removing the bezel use the included alcohol prep pad to prepare the area for bonding, apply the part and hold for 3-5 minutes applying even pressure. after re-installing the bezel the adhesive stuck very well. It didn't seem weak or shaky and should hold up well to track driving. Puting the accessport in the carrier is eased by magnetic alignment tabs. as far as the wiring i choose to connect the wire through my steering column trim. using a zip tie to make sure that the wiring would not interfere with any of the existing equipment.  

Cobb SF / Airbox Install - the install for the airbox was about as simple as possible. Cobb DID NOT provide instructions with the products but they did include a website where i could find “up to date” instructions. I pulled out my tablet and got to work. Removing the factory airbox is definitely the worst part of the install process. all it takes is an 8mm socket, 10mm socket and an extension and the factory box will wiggle its way out. the Cobb SF intake fits right where the stock part sat but is considerably lighter, smaller, and smoother. The SF Airbox fits with the same attachment points as the OEM part. The new intake has brass attachment points for the MAF sensor and Cobb includes everything you could possibly need to complete the install. Cobb also includes a rubber gasket to “SEAL” the airbox. It doesnt seem like a thin rubber gasketalong either side would be effective with the gaps between the box and the frame. I will look further into installing a heavy lining material to ensure that only colder fender air is being used. NOTE do not use this intake without tuning for the increase in airflow. you will cause a CEL and you will damage your engine.


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