RSW Upgrades - Mustang GT with HRE FlowForm FF15's

Ford Mustang 5.0
S550 (2015+)
HRE FlowForm FF15

July 14, 2016

A customer from Staten Island contacted our Team about his goals for modifying his S550 Mustang GT. He hadn't taken possession of the car yet, but was still preparing for his first round of mods! His dealership had given him a delivery date  and approximately 2 months before that date we ordered a set of wheels for his specifications. 

We put his car on the lift with only 127 miles on it!

The wheels we spec'd out were a set of HRE FF15 FlowForms in a custom finish. The color accentuates the bold and aggressive lines of the stock body work, while the design is lightweight and rigid. All in all, we were very pleased with the final fitment and look. 

We love this angle! 


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