RSW Install - Audi RS7 Akrapovic Titanium Evolution

Audi RS7 4.0T
C7 (2013+)
Akrapovic Evolution

July 18, 2016

In all honesty there are some cars that are so good right out of the factory these days that they don’t NEED to be modified. Now, that is obviously just an opinion and we understand if and why you feel otherwise but the RS7 is probably one of those cars.

Right off the showroom floor you have an all-wheel drive twin turbo v8 sedan with sporty looking wheels, big brakes, and one of the most luxurious interiors you can find. This car can whisk you and your 3 closest friends anywhere, in any condition, at very high rates of speed in absolute comfort. Not many other cars can do so with such success!
The Evolution gives more power, higher torque, decreases the weight, and delivers an unmistakable Akrapovič sound—which has a deep sound at lower revs and a ‘popping’ sound as things speed up when the throttle is lifted.

Although the RS7 is so capable as it comes, we think there are a few select areas of improvement that are too good to pass up. Luckily our Performance Partners over at Akrapovic and Milltek take their exhaust as seriously as Audi take’s their super sedans!!!

The Downpipes are unfortunately hidden out of sight, connecting the two turbos nestled between the banks of the v8 to the beginning of the other exhaust components.

This Akrapovic system begins just behind the motor. One of the many benefits of the Titanium construction is that this exhaust will never rust, not to mention it is super light weight.

The entire system is titanium, every hanger, every muffler, every brace, every piece of tubing is all high quality Titanium!

The rear of the car is finished off with Akrapovic’s signature dry carbon fiber housings. They add a nice piece of aesthetic detail whilst remaining very subtle.


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