522 HP APR Golf R!!

Volkswagen Golf R 2.0T
Mk7 (2015+)
APR Stage 3+ Turbo System

August 12, 2016

With the influx of quality aftermarket parts and software providers it has become commonplace to add 30-50 hp to turbocharged cars with relative ease. Adding a little bit of boost and adding a free-er flowing exhaust isn’t rocket science, but the results are good. Great gains can be found from making little changes.

But what about when you want more? More than just a little better? More than just 30-50 hp? What do you do? Well if you’re our customer and own a 2016+ MK7 VW Golf R the answer is, we make the jump to a full blown Stage 3+ APR Turbokit and Fueling Upgrade.

The APR Stage 3 Turbocharger System produces an incredible 522 HP and lays down 10-second quarter mile passes, all through a convenient, affordable and expandable, turn-key solution.

This car is already a full APR Stage 2 VW, which means it already had an intake, a downpipe, and complimentary ECU Tuning. So in order to ensure that the car would run at the elevated power levels for many years and miles to come we pro-actively replaced the clutch assembly.

Our Performance Specialists spec’d out a unit from South Bend Clutch, which was well matched to the torque levels the car was anticipated to put out.First step to getting the new APR Stage 3 2.0T MQB Turbo kit installed is to remove the old unit. Here you can see the technician removing the accessory feed/drain lines from the stock unit.

APR has created a great kit that is far more extensive than just a turbocharger and a manifold. It is a complete performance solution that is sold as a combination of hardware and software.
With the old turbo out of the way the new one fits in nicely. APR utilizes an Ultra-Responsive and Reliable Turbocharger, A Borg Warner twin scroll EFR7163 delivers amazing top end power with incredible response all in a ultra-reliable turbocharger unit.

Now that the engine bay transformation is complete it was time to install the Stage 3+ Fueling Upgrade from APR. The system is a 2 part upgrade, first the removal of the rear seat and the stock fuel pump hanger unit. Secondly installation of a secondary fuel rail and set of (4) injectors!

The Factory VW MK7 Golf R In tank fuel system in the process of being rebuilt with the upgraded APR components.

APR utilizes factory VW components for the fuel rail and injector upgrade. The Stage 3+ Fueling kit provides an OEM level approach to this upgrade with European Market components. After this last round of modifications the owner now has a car that is capable of running the quarter mile in nearly 10 seconds flat, can haul 4 people comfortably to the ski slope, and can fit a washing machine in the back with seats folded flat.

There are not too many other offerings out there that allow that sort of capability and flexibility. If you are interested in upping the performance of your daily driver, adding performance parts to your Golf R, or want to know about APR parts for your vehicle please don’t hesitate to give us a ring (908 223 7477) or message us through ModPost.


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