My 2016 Sakhir Orange M4

BMW M4 S55
F82 (2014+)
Build List

August 19, 2016


Bought my first ever brand new bmw M4. 
No sunroof and no tv function for the rest its full option.
Merino white full leather
Sakhir orange colored
M performance black front grils
M performance black side grils
M performance Carbon diffuser
M performance Carbon spoiler
M performance Carbon mirrors
M performance exhaust with 
titanium tips
M design led in doors
Vorsteiner evo carbon front lip
Vorsteiner vff 102 20" wheels
Eibach coilover kit
Ghyeon mohs durabead protection


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  • Yveskem4

    Yveskem4August 19, 2016 , 9:56 pm

    Follow me for more pics on instagram @yveskem4

  • RedlineSpeedWorx

    RedlineSpeedWorxAugust 20, 2016 , 4:04 am

    @Yveskem4 looks incredible! I see you have euro plates, where are you from?

  • F80M3

    F80M3August 24, 2016 , 10:45 pm

    Sweet spec! What made you go with the M Performance exhaust over others like Remus and AWE? Also, how do you like your Eibach coils?

  • Yveskem4

    Yveskem4September 2, 2016 , 8:01 pm

    for me the M performance sounds incredible, it has full bmw warranty, details on it are awesome!! Lasered M badge and there is also mperformance lasered in it when you drive behind the car with lights you can read it. I love the titanium tips and the punctured holes inside ❤️

  • Yveskem4

    Yveskem4October 15, 2016 , 10:03 am

    Im from belgium, eibach coils rock was thinking to lower the car more but it will become very difficult to drive it around then...already now im scratching that front lip. Thx for the comments guys!