Trying to decide on an exhaust...

BMW M3 S55
F80 (2014+)
Akrapovic Axle Back

August 30, 2016


Trying to decide on an exhaust for my F80 M3. I am leaning towards Akrapovic, but it seems like there are so many options. I've seen offerings from AWE, aFe, Turner Motorsports, Dinan, BMW M, Dinan, Remus, and a few others. Any suggestions for me? All appreciated! 





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  • RedlineSpeedWorx

    RedlineSpeedWorxSeptember 9, 2016 , 4:10 am

    We've had a lot of experience with Akrapovic. We have a full evolution system on our shop car (F82 M4) and have installed countless other evolution and axle-back systems. Akrapovic offers exhausts that are second to none in terms of quality. You will be paying more, but you will not be disappointed in the sound quality and overall aesthetics. Send us a private message through our ModPost profile if you have any more questions.

  • Yveskem4

    Yveskem4January 3, 2017 , 2:08 am

    It really should be your choice only! what do you like on the noise level? Im enjoying the M performance a lot its VERY loud, akra sounds little more sharp not a big fan of it for sure with the pricetag in mind...I also dont like the carbon of akra its not the same as the BMW carbon...but hey its upto you really you should just buy what you want :)