Nissan GTR 3.8 V6 TT
R35 (2009+)
Custom Rear Traction Arms

October 8, 2016

The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Service Team increases traction and handling with GT-R Suspension Tuning.

When it comes to making power with GTR’s it is almost too easy. There are 4-5 companies out there making 1000+ hp bolt on turbo kits and multiple companies capable of building 7 second capable machines, AMS Performance, Switzer, and Ivey Technologies to name a few.

Although making the power is relatively easy, putting it to the ground is another story. Yes there are advanced boost control and traction control strategies but when it comes down to good old mechanical grip there are some relatively simple modifications that can make a HUGE impact on how the cars accelerate.

The issue with GTR’s and especially high powered ones such as the 2000+hp example we had in the shop is not making the power but putting it to the ground efficiently. One of the easiest ways to make sure that those huge tires are making full contact with the road! We had this GTR up on our alignment and corner balancing rack for hours, dialing it in.

They way we keep the rear of this GTR planted when it accelerates is with some custom rear traction arms. These arms allow us to dial in alignment settings that usually aren’t required or suggested on the Nissan GTR. Chassis tuning is as much an art as a science, and there is no one ideal setting for all vehicles, changes in alignment settings can differ even driver to driver, or from one tire to the next on the same car.

By adjusting the rear suspension to put the rear tire in the best possible orientation, we can optimize traction given how the car is going to be used. This particular GTR is a straight drag competitor. The owner of this specific car has been experimenting with GT-R Suspension changes to optimize the car for roll-racing and has found that the changes have made the car much more stable.



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