Wheels Change Everything - Featuring The US's Lowest Mile C5 S6

Audi S6 4.2L
C5 (1999-2003)

August 2, 2017

In late May of 2017, my buddy, Kyle, and I had the opportunity to purchase what we believed to be the lowest mileage C5 S6 in North America. Being a 2002 model year vehicle, this S6 only had 19,000 original miles! It spent the majority of its life gallivanting around the greater Boston Area on grocery runs and errands. The S6 resided in the Ritz Carlton of Boston parking garage and was cared for like no other 4.2L Audi we'd seen. The owner had a new Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS on order  (his spec was all black with red accents, man did it look incredible) so he had to make room for his new purchase. We scored the S6 for a great price, and unlike most Audi 4.2L owners were worry-free driving our new avant.

However, there was one drawback. The wheels. The owner had 16 inch five spoke rims mounted on 225 section tires with a meaty sidewall. He was more concerned about ride than looks, but Kyle and I were not too concerned with the former. Knowing that the car would be listed in a few weeks, we did not want to put too much money into our wheel and tire package. Kyle and I considered Hartmanns but we ended up going with a Tire Rack wheel called the Monte TITANO MT9. This wheel looks extremely similar to the 5 spoke RS4 wheels many enthusiasts fit their S6 avants with. For rubber, we went with 255/35R18 Sumitomo HTR Z's as Hankook Ventus V12's were temporarily out of stock. Overall, Kyle and I were very pleased with the overall set-up. Going from those 16 inch rims to the 18 inch RS4 style MT9's transformed the car completely. Also, having more tire under this 4000 pound beast helped out on the handling front. All it needs now is some Audi center caps.


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